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Community Development Committee

Vice President of Community Development

Vacant – Seeking VP


Cale Grady
President / CEO


Elizabeth Pittman
Office Manager

Community Development is responsible to the Board of Directors for activities and projects which lead towards improvement of the physical and environmental elements of the community so that it will become a better and more attractive place in which to live, work, shop, and invest.

The Chamber is partnering with other local groups with similar goals to work collaboratively towards positive outcomes.

Possible projects considered for 2023 are:

  • Fully develop a community calendar by coordinating business and community information so the chamber site will become a central focus point for scheduling and promoting our community at large
  • Update Chamber’s website to be the community’s visitor, relocation, and economic information resource destination

Lenoir 2023 Mission

To convince businesses and industries located here to expand their existing operations and recruit new businesses and industries to locate here. To make our city and county attractive to diverse group of residents, visitors and new comers of all generations so they and those who work and manage our businesses and industries choose to live, shop and prosper here.

Lenoir 2023 works to identify gaps that were prioritized as: education, public safety housing and amenities, technology, infrastructure, energy and internet, transportation, jobs, tourism and religion. The committee chose to research the top four topics. A Vision Task Force was formed to develop a positive community image campaign to promote business and education in our community

Shop Locally

When you shop locally, the sales tax dollars from your purchases go back into making our communities greater. Those sales tax dollars help fund our roads, parks, schools, fire departments and more. In Lenoir County, those projects add up to more than $12 million. So shop here, buy here and help us keep Lenoir County a place where families and business can prosper.

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